Unofficial library for Discord components (under-development)

Discord components are cool, but discord.py will support it on version 2.0. It is hard to wait, so we made a third-party library for using components such as buttons or selects! We're currently developing this library, so it has a lot of bugs. But it has enough features to make the components easy to use :)

This project is open source. You can see the repository here ⭐.

Also, there is an official discord server, so if you have a question, feel free to ask it on this server.

There are few examples for you. Try it!

If you are new to this library, we recommend you to look at Getting started first.


  • You can use discord components and handle interactions easily!

  • Methods based on discord.py.

  • Supports discord.ext.commands, and going to support discord-py-slash-command.


This is the docs! It could contain many grammatic errors, spelling mistakes, and typos because I am not a native English speaker. So if there is a problem on the docs, contact me or create an issue.


This project is under the MIT License.


Anyone can contribute to this by forking the repository, making a change, and create a pull request!

But you have to follow these to PR.

Thanks to

  • Minibox - Button API explanation when the button docs were only for beta users.

  • Lapis - Suggested a method to change every class's property.

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