Change log for version 2.0.0

New Features

  • Code refactoring - Code is more readable and more efficient (Fixed most of the overriding method bugs)

  • DiscordComponents adds components_manager attribute to discord.ext.commands.Bot

  • Added classes that inherit the bot class

  • Callbacks

  • Setter methods for component classes

  • ephemeral attribute for ComponentMessage and respond also returns ComponentMessage for ephemeral messages

  • get_component method for ComponentMessage

  • send edit_origin defer method for Interaction

  • values component_type attribute for Interaction

  • The bug making the message ping high

  • Fixed the bug that makes the message ping high

Breaking changes

  • InteractionType is removed

  • InteractionEventType is changed to IntEnum

  • Interaction doesn't have bot attribute

  • parent_component and interacted_component is removed

  • Ephemeral message is also returned as ComponentMessage

  • Removed all initial parameters on DiscordComponents except bot

  • Removed change_discord_methods method on DiscordComponents

If there is any more breaking changes, please report on the discord server.

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